Our Privacy Promise

February 17, 2022

Cointelli takes security seriously

Our dedicated staff is trained to safeguard your data, protect your privacy, and respond quickly to incident reports.
With Cointelli’s specialized security team, you’re in good hands.

Your Security is Our Priority

  • Security is a top concern for everyone at Cointelli.
  • All Cointelli employees receive security, privacy, and compliance training from the moment they start.
  • The Cointelli Information Security Committee, a cross-functional group of executives spanning the enterprise, shapes our security programs, drives executive alignment across our organization, and ensures that security awareness and initiatives permeate throughout our organization.


GDPR/CCPA Compliance

  • Cointelli is dedicated to ensuring that all customers’ personal data is treated in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).


Security and Multi-factor Authentication 

  • All Cointelli logins are protected by Amazon Cognito to keep your ID safe and secure.
  • When Amazon Cognito detects unusual sign-in activity, such as sign-in attempts from new locations and devices, it blocks the sign-in request and notifies the user of the attempt. 
  • For customers who wish to use our native login, we only store your Cointelli password in the form of a secure hash. We do not store the password itself.
  • Unsuccessful login attempts and successful login/logout activity are logged for audit purposes.
  • Inactive user sessions are automatically timed out after a specified time.
  • We provide email alerts for unauthorized access attempts, unauthorized password changes, and more.


Safeguarding Your Data 

  • Cointelli is committed to keeping your information secure and private.
  • The details regarding the data we collect, how we collect it, and what we do with it as well as how you can opt-out are available in our Privacy Policy section.
  • To keep all your work secure, Cointelli encrypts data that is both in transit and at rest.
  • While our services are hosted in US-based AWS facilities, the servers live within Cointelli's own VPCs to prevent unauthorized network requests.

Protecting Your Privacy

  • Cointelli built its privacy program based on strict policies and procedures regarding access to and the use, disclosure, and transfer of customer data.
  • The core of our privacy policy is that Cointelli employees do not access, use, disclose, or transfer customer data unless it is in accordance with a contractual agreement or at the direction of the customer.


Our Dedicated Privacy & Cybersecurity Team

  • Cointelli employs a dedicated data protection officer who ensures that all teams and activities are in compliance with our data protection policy.
  • Cointelli’s Privacy and Cybersecurity team manages the privacy program and monitors its effectiveness.
  • The above are responsible for formulating, maintaining, and updating our internal privacy policies, procedures, and tools to protect the privacy of all user data handled by employees and partners on behalf of Cointelli. The team:
    • Ensures that privacy commitments made to our customers, partners, and employees are met
    • Maintains our certifications and regulatory and compliance obligations
    • Trains Cointelli employees on our privacy program, monitors changing global data privacy laws, and makes necessary updates and modifications to our privacy program


Swift Response to Security Incidents

  • We’re committed to taking immediate action on any security-related incidents and offering a rapid response.
  • Cointelli has robust security incident response processes and contractually commits to notifying our customers of incident occurrences in accordance with the GDPR.


Reliable, Round-the-Clock Service

  • Cointelli's infrastructure is backed by the AWS ecosystem to protect service availability and keep you up and running 24/7, 365.
  • Cointelli operates a comprehensive backup program.
  • With respect to Cointelli services, and specifically customer and application data, we also have extensive backup measures in place.



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